Manufacturing & Supply Chain Excellence

How We Do It

With four locations in North America and additional global sourcing facilities overseas, our size, diversity, and flexibility deliver a host of capabilities geared toward operational excellence. Focusing on the needs of our customers, empowering our employees, and optimizing our process is at the core of our supply chain philosophy.

Products made in the USA

Here In The USA

Our Spectrum recycling facility specializes in the engineering and production of recycled and reprocessed resin, which drives over 60% of Petmate’s business. By focusing on U.S. manufacturing, our efforts include using post-industrial, pre-consumer scrap to produce EcoTEC™ our proprietary resin to help keep over 60+ million pounds of waste material out of landfills each year. Beginning with our first dog kennel over 60 years ago, Petmate has been committed to a strong presence in U.S. manufacturing.  As the largest domestic plastic producer in the Pet Supplies industry, Petmate leverages a variety of capabilities to ensure optimum performance within Supply Chain management.

Efficient Shipping

Our state of the art 500,000 square-foot fulfillment center is a game changer when it comes to our supply chain expertise. In keeping with our vision to be the best pet supply company, Petmate pays close attention to our supply chain – the network between us and you our distributors, and the retailers involved in distributing our products to the consumer. Centrally located in Lancaster, TX it allows for optimal national coverage, along with a dedicated area for e-commerce drop-ship orders. Planned inventory levels ensure a constant, timely supply of products in our fulfillment center. Our system is a sophisticated, efficient, and dynamic logistics system. With it, we can continue to fulfill our mission to provide quality products on time and at an exceptional value.