Responsible Environmental Practices

As a manufacturing leader in the Pet Supplies industry, we are doing everything possible to ensure the world is safe for humans, and our pets, to enjoy.

Our Environment

What Does It Mean?

When a business talks about “environmental sustainability”, what it’s talking about is “responsibility”. Conserving natural resources, re-using materials for production, eliminating harmful waste being released; these areas and many more are efforts all companies should be mindful of when it comes to how their business is run.

What Is Petmate Doing?

Our commitment to making the world a healthier place to enjoy focuses on three areas: Recycling, Packaging, and Energy Reduction.


Petmate currently prevents over 60 million pounds of waste from ever reaching a landfill every year. When another manufacturer makes a product deemed defective, it could very well end up in a landfill somewhere. That’s where we come into play. By taking this “post-industrial waste”, we can process that material into a workable resin which is incorporated into over 60% of the products we make here in the USA.

Energy Reduction

As big as we are in the manufacturing space, energy consumption is a very serious subject to maintain. From energy-efficient lighting in our offices and warehouses, to how we cool our machinery, we are extremely diligent when it comes to the conservation of energy. Our ongoing efforts have led to great gains – “losses” might be a better word – resulting in reducing our CO2 emissions by 1,159 metric tons and lowering our electrical consumption by 14.2%. 


One needs to look no further than our oceans to see the impact that packaging can have on our environment. Eliminating hard-to-recycle clamshell packaging, creating more efficient display and shipping methods, and evolving the products themselves are all areas of focus. Whether through products like our Chuckit! EcoFriendly Launcher or a move to plastic pallets made from recycled material, we are constantly evaluating all aspects of our products.

Products made in the USA

Beginning with our first dog kennel over 60 years ago, PetMate has been committedto a strong U.S. manufacturing presence.